So I met this guy

I met this guy who’s a cab driver. He asked me for my number I said. We talked for a little and found out we both lost our S.O. I thought he was cute. First red flag he texted me saying he wanted to have oral sex with me. I really wanted to but I texted no because we just met. He had an attitude we really didn’t text me much after that. A few days later I need a cab and happened to be the driver awkward to say the least. He apologized for what he texted. We made plans for he to come see me that weekend but he never showed red flag two. Again he apologized. We made plans to meet again same thing. I said to him that it like this isn’t gonna work. He was like ok. Which really pissed me off. I texted him why do you pursue me if you weren’t gonna make an effort? I asked to either call me or he could come to my job so we could talk no response. My crazy cousin took my phone and texted him that I wanted to fuck and still nothing. I’m feeling away right now.