Funny name story - Ariana

I am a substitute teacher. I have met a few Ariana/Arianna’s. Some say Anna, others say Aw-na at the end.

Today in a class of 13 year olds, I was reading our attendance and asked them to correct me if I said their name wrong.

I read Ariana, and asked “which way do you pronounce it Ari-ANNA or Ari-AWNA?”

She replied “I’m not actually sure.”

Everyone kind of looked at her and was like “what!? It’s your name!?”

Then she said “people always pronounce it differently, I don’t actually know how it’s supposed to be pronounced”

I was in total shock.

Thought I’d share, the struggle is real.

This is why I really love names that are easy to spell and pronounce 😊👍🏻