Am I a bad mom?!

I can’t deal with this anymore. I’m losing my mind! My husband and I get SO MUCH SHIT for the fact that we don’t give our daughter (16months) junk food, juice, and chocolate milk. Like what?! From my mom, his parents and family, ALL of our other parent friends. She’s never once had juice and when we tell people that it’s like we’ve committed a sin. I’m so confused. We constantly get “Well kids love juice! They should be drinking it all the time!” She drinks water, pedialyte, or milk. We went to our other parent friends house, their son is 15 months, and the whole time we were criticized because we didn’t want her to eat a jelly filled doughnut they had there🙄 They also give him soda! And i’m the bad mom??!? I don’t say anything to you about feeding your baby donuts for breakfast, so shut up about the fact that I give my baby healthy foods! Out of all the parenting things I thought I would get criticized on, I never thought letting my daughter eat healthy would be one of them. I’m constantly being called a mean/ bad mom because of it. Sorry for the rant, i’m just dumbfounded.

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