Am I in the wrong for being upset?

So last night at about 10:00pm my boyfriend goes to pick someone up about an hour away. I call him about two hours later and he says he is just now leaving. Which, was not a problem but I would have liked an update. So I don’t hear from him for another two hours until he gets home. I asked what took so long since he was just picking someone up and then coming back home. It’s 2:00am when he gets home without updating me or letting me know what’s going on. Then later today, he tells me he also drove some random girl home. And I got mad. I was already a little upset because he was gone for about two more hours than necessary, late at night, without letting me know what was going on. Then he tells me he took some random girl home that was a “friend” of who he was picking up originally.

I’m not mad about the time he was gone or that he took someone home really, I’m mad at the fact that he didn’t think to let me know when 1. Called to ask if he was on his way 2. He could have text me but he didn’t! I believe that I atleast deserve the respect of informing me about what was going on. Especially so late at night. When we talked on the phone he said he might take awhile because he might need to “get gas”. But that’s is. Am I wrong for being upset?

I know he actually did pick up who he said he was going to. But I’m upset at the lack of communication and he had ample opportunity to tell me what was going on, even a quick text.