I witnessed an assault


At school I got pulled from class to tell more about what happened with my friend at the public library. My friend and I were hanging out and he sat next to my friend and started touching her, after he took her phone and she went to get it back. I knew it was taking too long so I got up to see what’s happening. When I came over I saw him touching and pushing her against the wall. I tried to push him off and hit him with a book (I’m not in trouble for it though gladly) when being questioned they asked me if she kissed back I said no but it was a lie 😶 now I’m scared. I don’t know what he’s gonna say. He admit to it in texts but he left early today due to a ‘stomach ache’ I had to talk to the School police officer.

My parents told me to stay out of it and say I didn’t see anything. Now I’m scared and really uncomfortable. I don’t know if what I did good or not. its also that the administration told us not to talk to anybody about it besides our parents, but she told her friends and some of them are big mouths.

My friend was worried ab If his friend that got expelled from our school would find out because she has guns and a police record. But she’s good with me though