I feel guilty


I feel really guilty to witnessing a sex assault against my friend in public. I got pulled from class today and questioned with my friend. Then I had to report it to the School officer with my friend.

My moms worried about it because the girl who got assaulted is leaving for Florida next school year and I’m gonna be there with the one who assaulted her. Besides that the kid who assaulted my friend his friends are really bad they have illegal things and police records. They also said they were gonna gang up on my friend last year when she was in 8th grade 😥! (They told her that twice, once with a group of guys)

My mom told me to tell the school I didn’t see anything so that way I’m not involved but I feel like it’ll be worse if I say that Bc I know I was there, and so does my friend. My mom told me to never hang out with her again, a teacher also told me not to be with her Bc of things she’s been hearing ab my friend.

I don’t know why now I feel guilty

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