JUST A RANT :pregnant and homeless šŸ˜”šŸ˜”


first, I would like to say I do understand that this is my fault I made a crazy just upright stupid decision. I'm not looking for sympathy. just ideas or any advice!

it's just a rant that I just needed to get off my chest ! <3


I had been living there since January 2017, I'm 21 and been self supportive for a while. my family is here for me and my fiance but my dad has terrible allergies, they also do not know about this pregnancy yet.

about 3 months ago I had extended my lease for a few more months while still trying to look for a new/cheaper place to live as my fiance and I are paying for it ourselves. come around May, the last month for the extended lease, we still haven't found a new place still looking but have been very busy just trying to make money in the first place.

so we decided we will extend the lease again a few more months. we just needed $200 to bring to the leasing office from the hours 9-5 to extend it. we had the money but barely any time to bring it to the office when they were open. then emergencies came up with my fiances family (who dont live in this country) and he had to send some money over to his mom. so he sent that money, we knew we would have the money over the next few days to bring it over.

so many things kept coming and extending the lease just kept getting pushed further into the month.

in addition to everything, I had found out I was pregnant. now 6 weeks today but I found out at 4 weeks and 3 days. anyway. roll around to may 31st, we ran to pay the money and extend the lease we thought the last day possible. but nope. course not. she said I needed to extend it a month in advance which I didn't do the first time I extended the lease and was never told.. she checked it online and they had already rented out my unit for July so we had 6 hours to get out and find a place to go.

me, my fiance, my dog (pitbull) another reason we've been having trouble finding a new place due to breed restrictions, and my 2 cats. all out on the street and 6 weeks pregnant.

(2 of my fur babys) ā¤ā¤

I've just been so overwhelmed and I'm scared for the pregnancy. šŸ˜”šŸ˜” I lost my first at 13 weeks and I dont think I can handle losing this one. were looking for a new place very aggressively but theres just so much going on all at once.