Next Appointment... MAYBE?!


I went for my midwife appointment today (as advised by sonographer) to continue with checking my fundal measurements, I am 35+3, Now suddenly I've gone from weeks behind to rapid growth šŸ™„ But before the "weeks behind" measurements I was rapidly growing fast... Safe to say ALL measurements have been totally sporadic for 10 weeks, these include the growth scans I have had too. My next growth scan was due next week (11th June) but has now been forwarded to this Friday 8th (earliest they could do) - Baby's head isn't quite engaged but he's very low, there was a student midwife too prodding and pressing the hell out of my VERY uncomfortable abdomen. Since then I've been having HUGE stabby pains in my cervix šŸ˜« I can only assume he's getting lower pushing down as I lost quite a long thick stringy piece of my mucus plug (more than I have been recently) I have an appointment made to discuss my birth preferences in two weeks - And then that's when the comment came... "We'll discuss your birth plan in two weeks, but then again I don't think you'll make it" - The last time a midwife said this to me I was contracting the week after and staying in the damn hospital for two nights preventing labour šŸ˜‚ Any of you ladies had your health advisors comment that your baby will "definately be coming soon" and then it did? or it didn't? Like - do they REALLLLY know?! šŸ˜‚