what does this sound like to you?


My friend that I have known since head start keeping calling me "hey slut all the time through facebook messenger" I don't know exactly what slut means and why she says it but it's annoying. she also looks at my husband pretending she doesn't won't him and so does my husband so I told my husband plenty plenty of times to leave me for her if he wasn't happy with me but the gurl is married and has 4 kids by different dad's. she is addicted to pain killers since she goes around asking people for some pain pills. when I was a baby, I wasn't getting enough nutrients since my mother nipple would choked me so I grew up with a learning problem which I have today so I don't comprehend things that quickly or know what people are talking about without having them to explain which I do get depressed sorta and people tends to look down on me for that matter but anyway.