FWB 🤤 (he got grounded!)

ladies...buckle up because it’s

STORY TIME! (& before i start this, i turned 19 back in february & this guy is the same age as me so don’t worry)

So, i’ve known about this guy since, well, around oct/nov 2017 from my best friend. I actually didn’t like him for a long time since he had sort of a relationship with my friend (we’ll call her jackie and the boy cody). My friend jackie has this problem where she LOVES for boys to lead her on, obviously she doesn’t realize she’s literally addicted to it but anyways that was what was going on here. It was apparent that cody had somewhat of a thing for jackie, but not ‘full time’. 🙄. cody decided to tell jackie that he saw her as a side chick, even worse mostly like a friend just w a little romance and touchy feely fun times. Jackie was obviously super upset but still liked him for months up until probably feb or march where she then got a real boyfriend (they’ve broken up now, ik 😑).

Anyways, Jackie has obviously lost feelings for Cody, so i thought it was my time to shine. I had never met this famous cody irl up until the night before Jackie’s b-day party which was late march. Lemme tell you...this boy was FINE ASH😍🤤. I didn’t think much of it in the moment because.....hello? This same boy called my bsf a side hoe ion like you💀. Anyway, he was kinda tall, light skin w a lil hispanic & lightbrown curly hair, pretty eyes i mean...

I was honestly really cold to him, didn’t like him too much but he was dead nice to me, not nicey nice just sweet the few times we interacted. We never really talked, i saw him maybe once or twice in between then & yesterday when this all went down.

so I was on sc a few weeks ago, & on my story i was doing one of those little game things where it said “slide up w a number at the top”. The post basically was almost like a poll where you check off things, things like would i kiss you or do i like you, etc. & for him i checked off yes where it asked if i’d kiss him. Later he slid up saying he’d kiss me too.....i was like....

so we don’t talk for a bit....

until recently.

I was messing with him, just joking around in the chat, called him daddy or whatever and said we should hang out...things escalated you could say from that to making plans for the next day to not do much but mess around a little ;)

We made plans for 6:30pm, i met him at an apartment complex nearby and we decided to go across the street to a nearby tunnel. Now lemme tell you...i looked good ash but not like i was trying too hard you feel me? like mascara on (which ended up being a mistake 🤣), curled lashes, blush, highlight, earrings, the whole thing with a skintight shirt & yoga pants ;))

I could tell he was hella ready because...well, here is where we begin the TMI part.

He was sitting near the tunnel, i was sitting on the concrete slope outside of it. we were probably 7-9 feet apart. He looks at me sexy asf and tells me to come over there. I did that twitter thread bs where i shook my head and was all like “no, mm mm, nope” and that HELLA pissed him off. He jumped up, walked over & whipped that shit out right in front of me.....a bitch was taken aback like-

He shoved that shit in my mouth & this def wasn’t my first time. I showed him my skills lmfao.

He stood me up after a min, kissed me and took my place. He laid on the slope instead & i was down there, yknow, doin it what you want me to say 😂.

i heard him record for a sec💀 i almost laughed but it’s cool lmfao. After a minute he took me into the tunnel and bro🤤we had a h e a v e n l y ass time. It was hella hot outside but damn i was so into it. by now my shirt was off & he unclipped my bra earlier. I was on my knees sucking away, hearing groans & curses from this bitch like yesss😭

after a while of all that, i jerk him off for a few minutes & he orgasms...tmi but shit tasted good💀

He had to be home by 7.....it was 7:46 when we were done. I had mascara allllll under my eyes and was just fucking crazy lookin lmao. He immediately left which was fine ofc but he mentioned that he’d probably be getting his phone taken away.

which, he did.

I texted him on snap, asking him if he got grounded, none of our old chats were saved thank god because his mom answered💀 She said he isn’t gonna have his phone for a month 😂 it’s obvious she pays his phone bill or something lmao.

Anyways, i’m left here afterwards with no dick to sustain me 😭