What would you do?

Hailey • 21 • Amaria Rae born on 6/6/2018 • Type 1 Diabetic

So it’s been 12 hours since I’ve felt her move. Im 36 and 5 today. I ’ve tried drinking lots of cold water and even soda and I ate and still nothing. I’m laying on my side now and waiting to see if she moves, which she usually does. My doctor told me to call if I don’t feel movement for 12 hours but I have an appointment with her at 1:30 today (which is about 9 hours away) should I call and see if I should go to the hospital? (It’s currently 3 am so I would have to go to the emergency room) or do you think it’s okay wait until my appointment? She was moving a little this morning around 9 then I got home around 11 and took a nap until 2:30, which is around the last time I felt her move, so it’s not like she hasn’t moved at all today, but it’s been a while

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