Omg I figured it out!!!!


Ok so about 6 days ago I woke up with acute pain in only one tonsil did a little googling and kept coming up with a peritonsilar abscess but didn’t really think to much of it fast forward 3 days later I kinda felt a pop sensation and it and relieved the pressure and the pain began to subside but at the time I wasn’t quite sure if I was right about it so later that night my jaw began to swell and hurt real bad like from my cheek bone down to my jawline and right underneath the jawline I have a knot slightly bigger than a marble swelling radiated all the way to the inside of my ear and by like midnight I was in tears which it takes a lot to make me cry started taking ibuprofen and found an old bottle of amoxicillin and started taking it did some more googling kept coming up with a stopped up parotid and submandibular Gland( basically a stopped up saliva gland) but also kept coming up with tooth / gum abscess but I don’t have any dental problems other than I still have a wisdom tooth that hasn’t come in completely and there is a skin flap hanging over some of it but it’s never bothered me before so kinda ruled it out so fast forward to today I finally got in to see my doctor nothing had really changed still hurt really bad so I get in the room and I was telling her all my symptoms basically everything I just wrote on here even about me googling all the symptoms so she looks at the areas that were causing problems and automatically thinks it a tooth/ gum abscess so I plainly ask her could it be stopped up saliva glands and she agreed with me that it could be so she gave me a referral to an ent and also said to go see a dentist along with giving me more antibiotics because I only had half of a prescription so I’m sitting here thinking about that doctors visit and I don’t quite know why I never connected the dots about the possible tonsil abscess and the stopped up saliva gland but I found some research that basically says that if a tonsil abscess pops the pus can infect the surrounding areas including the saliva glands and which will obviously cause them to swell and get stopped up. So basically my doctor was wrong and I was right like I normally wouldn’t be posting something like this but she kinda made it seem like she knew that she was right and was just saying it to appease me. So booyah like the link between the two kinds just solves it for me of course I’m gonna go see the ent she is referring me to cause it is still extremely painful.