newbie here!

Katherine • mama of 2 || 20 years old

Hey ladies I just had my second baby and have been having trouble breast-feeding without severe pain from cramping. I breast-fed my first since he was born and still have milk but the pain from breast-feeding has made it too difficult for me to continue as of right now so I’ve been supplementing her with formula, since I’ve never used formula before I don’t have any at home or supplies

I want to make sure I’m using the right things for her

I lean a tiny bit more to the “holistic” side of things I guess and have heard bad things about the ingredients in the name brand formulas and was wondering if anyone could tell me more about what’s best to use

and if there’s any supplies that are must haves!

baby loves to push the nipple out of her mouth (breast or bottle) so if there’s any bottle that you’ve noticed helps with that a lot let me know!

Thank you! All tips are appreciated!