I’m 21 now but when I was 19 I was pregnant with my first child. I was scared mostly of my parents and family but also because my bf at the time ( baby dad as well) broke up with me and didn’t want the baby which meant I was going to be a single mother. I also knew I was in no position to have a child with no job, and in my second year of college. My friends that knew were happy for me when I told them but many were disappointed that I was considering the abortion. I ended up doing it but now I can’t help but feel guilty at times. I wonder if I made the right choice now and I know it’s too late but sometimes I feel like I’m horrible for doing that.

Sometimes I find myself still looking at my ultrasound and looking at my little belly pics I had. ( I was 11 weeks at the time)

I Especially feel this way because two of my friends have had babies since then and also a current friend is going through the same situation I was but chose to keep hers. I don’t know how to deal.

I currently have a new bf now and I don’t even want to tell him because I’m scared he will see me differently because he disagrees with abortion.