Changing my daughters last name

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I need some help, my daughter has had an absent “sperm donor” since she was 3 weeks old. Long story short he was very abusive and when it came to the point that he got abusive around her I made the big leap to leave (& completely fled the state) I know I did what’s right for what’s in the best interest for her and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Fast forward 6 months later and I never thought I would be loved again. Completely just focused on taking care of my daughter and providing the best life I could for her. I met this man, & from day one he’s loved her as his own. Since we’ve gotten married and a year later she’s a year & a half old.

(Them day one)

Them now ☺️♥️

My husband & I are expecting our second daughter now. & he wants to go through the process of adopting my daughter & changing her last name. Her birth father is on the certificate so I’m not sure if that makes it more difficult but I’d love some advice or even help from someone who knows how to do this. I feel like it would be difficult because I know even without any contact my daughters birth father would never sign off his rights to her ( if he even has any because we’ve never undergone custody arrangements) but he would do everything he could to make it harder on me. Any suggestions?? I feel so lost trying to go about this but hope it’s easier than I worry about.