Is it my fault?

Right, last night I was talking to my mother in law about a tattoo I was getting in honour of my late nana, which I thought my mother in law would actually like but her response was insensitive saying what’s the point in disfiguring my body when she can’t even see it, I got quite upset as I’m well aware she won’t see it but before she died we had spoken about said tattoo and she was really happy I was going to get it for her, so.. my OH sees how upset I am and demands she apologises to me, she said no and it all kicks off and it’s opened up a box that has been shit my OH whole life.. this box being who his dad is?! She has never told him and he has always been told to shut up when talking about it, so him getting angry at her has resulted in him asking her the question once more and she’s actually told him minus the name but that this guy lives in the same town we live in and has more than likely crossed my OH path, so my OH is understandably my fault and is blaming me!! Saying if I hadn’t of talked about my tattoo non of this would have happened, he had told me a few months ago not to say anything to her about it but I am my own person and feel I can do and say what I’d like. I obviously didn’t expect her to be so insensitive or it result in my OH asking about his dad! NOW he is saying I’ve ruined everything and that he doesn’t want to be with me because I’ve brought all of this up.

I feel like I’m going crazy because I honestly can’t see what I’ve done wrong? Granted I know what kind of person she is and I did expect her to say she didn’t like tattoos but for it to get this out of hand.. yes I would have kept my mouth shut if I’d have known.

I don’t even know what to say to him!