How far did you space out your kids

Paige • 12/27/18 👶🏻

I am the youngest sibling and the last one to have a baby, well my oldest sister spaced her kids 4 almost 5 years and her oldest daughter is not taking having a sister well at all and Is being very rebellious and acting out for attention. Also I have friends who have kids and they are only children not yet school age, and they are the most hateful kids I’ve ever met. They don’t know how to share, or be nice to other kids. I’m only 11weeks but I’ve already talked to my boyfriend about not spacing them out very far because of the issues I’ve seen with only children and kids that are spaced out. My mom had my brother and sister back to back (1y and 7d) (92’ and 93’) then my second oldest sister and I back to back (1y and 9d) (97’ and 98’)

I’m not shamming anyone I’m just curious on what others do and or think about it.

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