I need help

So I have been talking to this guy since junior year....(now we are graduates) and he comes over to my place sometimes most of the times we have sex most we just chill...he’s always nervous around me....I know the password to his phone and all that but we aren’t dating....and he says he really likes me but isn’t ready for a relationship.....also I always text first and he replies fast but never texts first.....also I’m school before we started talking he doesn’t really flirt with girls and touch them ...he’s a quite, shy and smart guy(but not shy around me) in school we do talk or sometimes wink at each other...but we don’t make things obvious because we both don’t like people being nosey. Also some weeks ago he said he cares about be. Any time I’m in video call with him and he’s playing fort nite he pauses the game to pay attention to me...do you think he really likes me? (I’m also not ready for a relationship) just want to know if he really likes me