Clomid 50mg with IUI and trigger questions


Weird situation I started Clomid 50mg CD 4-8 (which I hear is a weird cycle time to be on clomid) anyways on CD 10 I got a positive digital ovulation test which I don’t normally get so I called RE and they did <a href="">IUI</a> the following morning but I requested U/S and labs. I had on follicle 26mm and one at 16mm on the left ovary. Labs came back that afternoon and I was told I didn’t have an LH surge and I wasn’t ovulating yet and to take my trigger that night and come back for another <a href="">IUI</a> in two days. Is it possible the largest follicle was getting ready to ovulate hence the surge the day before and now the trigger will make me ovulate the 16mm follicle? I’m so confused how I had a positive ovulation test without an LH surge! I tested the day of the <a href="">IUI</a> to make sure it wasn’t just throwing positives and it was negative.