Need answers please read description


Okay so I’m 3 days late for my period. There’s a SLIM SLIM SLIM SLIM chance I could be pregnant because we barely had sex this month and used protection every time except once and he put a condom on before he ejaculated but I know that men still excrete liquid that contains sperm before hand. We had to lay off trying to conceive for a bit for financial reasons.

So here’s my question.

I took a Wondfo pregnancy test and it said negative. BUT I had a clear blue digital leftover and it doesn’t expire until December. Well I peed on it and it didn’t work. Blank screen.

So I took it apart. And there’s two lines on the test strip. TWO. A lot clearer in person. But the rest strip is a weird color. Is the strip still valid or do I just go with my Wondfo results? I greatly appreciate your input.

If I got pregnant this month I’m gonna be freaking excited. But it’s gonna take like 10 tests to convince me 😂 I’m a POAS addict. Let’s just hope hubby is excited too

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