help making him last longer

soo... my fiance and I are very sexual but weve been trying to find ways to deal with him not being able to last long. he says every female before me would just lay there and rush and that is what he was used to over the years. a quick 2 or 3 minutes is fine sometimes but not all the time. what can we do to help this? it doesnt ever get better no matter how many times we do it , he doesnt build an endurance , hes tried the little pills you can buy on sex toy sites, i also bought him a "toy" that goes around his penis and balls and is supposed to restrict blood flow and blah blah. ive tried telling him more foreplay and waiting. and sometimes he can pull it off to last maybe 10 mins, but he says no women ever cared for foreplay before me and never wanted to actually do anything worth while or take their time and i swear hes like stuck in that mindset. what can i do!!!