No one deserves to be in an abusive relationship.


About an hour and a half ago, I went with my friend to pick up her younger sister from primary after a good day at the library with friends. So we get to the bus stop and I see a man and woman in a car and they looked like they were play fighting at first but he started really hitting her and punching her so I dropped my bags left my friend with them and started running towards the car screaming for people’s attention to try and help me get this woman out of this abusive situation. He gets out of the car and starts running and the woman’s phone is in his hands and so she starts chasing him and I’m behind them following them when they both turn the corner so I kept running and found him beating the shit out of her, I was screaming for him to get off her and for help from other people but no one stopped and people carried on about their day. I got him to stop and I was walking with the woman back to the bus stop and I said to her “no one deserves to be in an abusive relationship, including yourself” and what she said to me broke my heart, “it’s okay, he’s my husband” I offered to call the police, a cab and asked her where she lived but she said she didn’t know (because she’s foreign and couldn’t really speak perfect English) so I walked her back and one of the mums at the bus stop starts having a go at me and gets down my throat how I “should’ve got on the bus and turned a blind eye” and I said “If the world was filled with ignorant people like you, violence would be desanitised” and she kept screaming at me so my friend stood up for me and was saying that if no one else did anything, she would’ve been hurt badly. That stupid ignorant woman got on the same bus and was calling me “ a foolish kid” and I felt so guilty for not calling the police because that woman could still be getting beaten up for all I know.