Does moving on make you loose feelings? HELP ASAP

Long story short ;

Me and Zach were friends with benefits for like 7 months but I caught feelings and he didn’t have any and was just using me and I tried cutting him off a million times but I just couldn’t until a while ago. So we lost contact in march.

Two months ago i realised I had feelings for my guy best friend , Jake , when we just started being close . Ahe’s the kindest guy ever , always there for me and he told me how he felt about me about 1-2 weeks ago and now we’ve started dating but we’re not in a relationship yet, but everyone knows both of us aren’t single. And hes not a fuckboy type.

I thought I was over Zach but I saw a picture of him and it brought back my feelings and I still think about Zach before I go to sleep and it’s killing me that we don’t speak anymore , not even as friends . 😞

Like I obviously do Like the guy that I’m dating now and I know hes a lot better person and has better intentions and doesn’t want anything sexual from me and wants to take our time dating before we get into a relationship.

But I still have feelings for Zach and I’m just afraid they won’t ever go away even though I’ve lost contact with him . Will they go away? What can I do? 👎🏻