Toxic relationship.

Okay so, complicated situation. I got with my ex quickly, we started dating the second day we had hung out well the first day actually. We have known each other for 10-11 years. I thought things would go fine, things were great, then we moved in together and things began getting rocky. He started calling me names anytime we fought, he would call me a bitch, psycho, user, that I was using him for his money, that he was just a hook up, that I was just like his ex. When I wanted to leave when we fought, he’d block the door and tell me I can’t leave. So I grew unhappy pretty quick and he of course acted perfect in front of our families making me look like shit for having an attitude constantly. He couldn’t stay hard during sex occasionally and I wouldn’t want to keep going and there was two times where he kept forcing himself onto me, and wouldn’t let me say no. Well, then I found out I’m pregnant and we were still together up until just a few days ago, which marked 2 months together I believe. But I couldn’t handle it anymore, he ended up trying to kill himself over his past with his dad passing away & his mom using him his whole life the night I wanted to break up and so I had to get him put into a hospital. Well, I still don’t want to be with him, and people keep telling me I need to be with him for the sake of this baby even though I can’t bring myself to it. I grew super unattracted to him and never wanted him to touch, kiss, hug, or anything to me. My mom now telling me I did this all intentionally, getting pregnant, and leaving him that is even though I wanted a future with him and kept trying to force myself to be happy with him but I just couldn’t. I do love him, and care for him. But I just don’t want to be with hm and apparently I’m a bad person for this. I’m also only 19, so I’m still young, I just want to be happy and to keep this baby happy when it’s actually here. I don’t know what to do.