Just a few short days till I’m half way there ..

keewee • Our little Lunar-Marie 19/10/2018 Our little Elara-Rae 2/8/2020 Struggled for 10 years to get our daughter, we were blessed by a surprise second pregnancy this year with another little girl. We are truly blessed.

I can’t believe we’ve got this far. I never thought I’d get here after 10 years ttc and losing so many precious babies. I was so sad for so long that I just believed I would never become a mother, but I tried one last time for my hubby and now we have a beautiful little girl. Feeling this little girl move is one of the most weirdest but proudest sensation I have ever felt.

To ladies still trying, don’t give up. All that struggling and pain will turn into something so beautiful I promise.

And to ladies who have struggled and become mummy’s, I solute your courage to carry on x