Me and my Didelphis Uterus


Hello everyone,

For a long time I thought I had PCOS, I have all the symptoms and manifestation of PCOS. Anyway, after getting married and deciding we are ready for baby, I went in to the Dr. to find out about my irregular periods, strange pains, and all this other super fun stuff we girls have to go through. It turns out I have a Bicornuate uterus (abnormal) . I was scared at first but then on my second visit after another super awkward (other fun stuff we must do) vaginal ultra-sound, they found it’s actually a Didelphus uterus. I wasn’t too concerned about the bicornuate because my mom shared, shortly after my 1st Dr. visit, that she too has a bicornuate uterus-she had three kiddos.

However, this Dr. said with a Didelphus which means there are two completely separate crevixes.... she can’t guarantee anything. She said we would try to balance out my hormones, that’s the priority (do hormones make u break out and gain weight ? 😰😩 I’m nervous). Then c and only after, we will figure out baby. But I’m 31 😰.

Does anyone have insight? Or has experienced this and has had a healthy, full term baby? I was reading it it’s possible, 1 in 25000 i think is what I read. So I’m staying positive. But anyone have suggestions? Success stories? Recommendations? Yes to hormones? Or no?