What 2 yrs can do to a person!


The picture on the left I wasn’t happy. I wasn’t the person I wanted to be. I had a nasty bf who was even worse after we broke up. He followed me home and tried to run me off the road, after we broke up. He also while together forced me to stay at his house. I thought he loved me I was wrong. He also wanted me to drop outta college and i almost did. He hated my family and made sure i didn’t see them much while together. All he wanted was a baby, but i wasn’t and still wasn’t ready. The photo on the left I believe was taken right after we broke up. Now the girl on the right. She has a amazing bf of about 2 yrs. Her associates degree going In the fall for her bachelors. She starting to love herself more and more everyday. Realizing beauty isn’t what’s on the outside but what’s on the inside. She’s just happier all the way around. I’m so happy these past two years changed me to the woman I am today. If you read this thank you!