When the hospital tells you you’ll be induced


So the hospital I’m having my baby in has told me that they are going to induce me no later than 38weeks. They want to give me a chance of having a natural delivery as that is very important to me. I’ve got GD and our daughter is already very big over the 95% for size. I spoke with my OB in the hospital last week and asked her is it still going ahead? And if so when? She told me that next week with my next appointment they will be talking to me about that and booking the induction in! I’m now 37+2 and have my appointment soon. Just curious what others have been through.

As I’ve never been booked into the hospital before to be induced!

How much time/days notice do they give you to be induced?

If you have been induced before how was it for you?

Any info or advice is much appreciate.