Help! IUD out of place!


Someone please ease my mind...

I have been lightly cramping for the last few days, like super mildly, so I decided to check my strings after about two months of not. And when I feel, they are definitely longer than “wrapped around the cervix” length as they have been, so long they’re about an inch from the opening of my vagina when straightened out. But I can’t feel a plastic knob. I am going to the doctor’s as soon as I am off work today to have it checked and am honestly prepared to have it removed if it is dislodged.

BUT... I am super worried because I have had unprotected sex multiple times in the last week and have let my partner finish in me (for the first time ever, of course, with my luck). It is obviously too soon to test positive, but I am scared witless.

What are the chances I am protected from pregnancy as long as the plastic T is still above my cervix? Could I get a blood test to tell today?

I just can’t believe this is happening to me right now. I’m terrified.