So scared πŸ˜”πŸ˜’ Big dog jumped on my stomach. 7w1d

M β€’ wife to my ranchin’ cowboy. momma to cash and stetson and due with #3 in february ❀️

This morning I was laying on my couch relaxing with my two boys. We have a huge German Shepherd Belgian Malinois dog that’s at least over 90 pounds. My son let him in this morning and he was so excited, he was running around the house, jumped so hard and landed on my whole stomach. I’m just now 7 weeks along with our baby. Our dog is usually playful and just jumps up on the couch next to us, but for some reason decided to jump on me. He is so heavy and jumped so hard. It’s scaring me so bad now. Do you think I should go in and get checked? I’m not sure what to do. My first ob appointment is on the 18th. I feel like I’m going to constantly worry. πŸ˜”