Find myself sleeping on my right side

Emma • Mum to Harlen Jane🌷July 6th,’18 & Nolan Stone 🍭June 28,’19

Hey Ladies!

I always saw this post earlier in our pregnancy, but I feel like with baby being heavier now, the answer might be different.

I have a snoogle, and when I fall asleep, I always am sure to sleep on my left side because I often experience light headedness or scary pressure when I lay on my back or sometimes just sitting, and sometimes when I lay on my right.

I’ve been noticing that every single time I wake up, I’m laying on my right side, NOT the left like I fell asleep. (And for those of you who use a know this requires legitimate effort to stretch and move your legs through the loop at the bottom to switch sides and it’s quite the process.) So I’m doing this whole process subconsciously in my sleep.

I’m 37 weeks, and baby feels quite heavy, my question is, is it worth taking extra measures to prop myself up more to deter myself from switching sides? Is there a significant risk to the baby? Or is it probably fine since I’m on my side and not my back?