Am I overreacting? **UPDATE**

Stephanie • ❤️11/15/2016❤️

I accidentally left my baby’s stroller at a restaurant because they wouldn’t let me take it with us to our table. We had to park it in a corner and we forgot all about it when we left. Well I noticed about 5 days later when I needed the stroller and couldn’t find it. So I called up the restaurant and they said they couldn’t find it anywhere. The person I spoke with on the phone knew an employee folded it up and put it away. So I show up to the restaurant and they’re telling me they don’t know what happened to it. Am I wrong or crazy for thinking they should buy me a new stroller?! I’m so mad. But I don’t know what to do.

***** It was proven by video that the stroller was taken by an employee from their storage room. The restaurant already paid for another one. *****