Pregnancy weight gain


I’ve always struggled with my weight but have been lucky enough that with a bit of motivation I can lose almost as quickly as I can gain. Having previously lost 56lbs I weighed 134lbs when I fell pregnant. 6 months in and I’ve already gained 26lb 🤦🏼‍♀️ it’s really starting to show on my backside now and people have started to comment on how much weight I’ve gained in that area (rude!). I was all for embracing the weight gain and worrying about it after baby comes but it’s starting to bother me now. Is it too late? Do I just embrace it? Any tips for not gaining too much more is that too much to ask at this stage? I eat relatively healthy but have definitely let it slide and have given up my gym membership as I wasn’t going enough. My job role has also changed and I’m sat down a lot more now