Weird credit question...: should I call in advance or just show up?

Blueswan • 🏳️‍🌈 (Pan/demi, she/they) A smart feminist who writes, sews, cooks, etc. kundalini/Sikh follower, and hopefully successful college student. ADHD/anxiety

So, I want to get my first credit card. I have done my research and believe I know what would be a good match for me, but I want clear advice. I’ve decided to get a card from a small and very honest bank that I already bank with, and there’s a branch literally up the street. I would want to talk to someone there.

Question: is it better to call and ask about an appointment or show up and see if anyone is available? I’d wait til later in the day (not terribly busy).

FYI I’m getting one to build a good credit score and not to spend beyond my means. Also I am going to stick to one or two only and did do through research. Thank you!

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