* these are based of personal results, DO NOT try if you are allergic to hair dye or are not cosmetically familiar (a regular makeup wearer)*

I have seen this hack circulating the internet and decided to give it a try because i have a blonde eyebrows.

Products needed : Just for men ; beard and mustache dye - PLEASE MAKE SURE IT IS BEARD AND MUSTACHE DYE! , Cotton Swabs , Vaseline/ Tape, cotton balls and napkins just in case!

Step 1 : clean eyebrows and make sure they are free of dirt and oils

Step 2 : either put vaseline or a easy to remove tape like scotch tape or clear medical tape if you can. Put this around the permitter of your brows to protect dye from going on your skin

Step 3 : take out the dye from the box it should come with a brush/mixer and a plastic container to mix it on. Take out a PEA SIZED amount from bottles 1 & 2 and mix it together with the end of the brush

Step 4: take a cotton swab and apply from tail to to mid brow once that is apply evenly, use the brush end and start to light feather the color to to beginning of your brow , this will give you the illusion of an “ombre” brow as some call it but if thats not your style just apply an even amount through out the whole brow

Step 5 : let sit for 3-8 minutes depending on how dark you want your brows

Step 6 : wipe brows off with cotton swab and wash your face focusing on washing out the color from your brows , be careful not to get soap in your eyes!

Then BOOM! You have beautifully tinted eyebrows! I will post my results below!

Results may be dark at first but do fade in a few days, so dont be alarmed ! Just maybe keep the time down to 5 mins max if you are worried!