Could I be pregnant??

I’ve been having light bleeding since yesterday morning. I had a few spots on my underwear but it’s mainly when I wipe and it’s dark brown in color. I’ve been having bad back pain some nausea and bloating since yesterday too. However, I don’t think I could be pregnant?

I have been on combination birth control pills for almost a year now. I have only missed a pill once so I’m pretty good at taking it. I recently got into a relationship with my now boyfriend and we double up on protection. We use a condom every time we have sex on top of the pill. I don’t think the condom has ever broken but I also don’t know what that would feel like since it’s never happened to me? We have been having a lot of sex lately but we use our two modes of protection as I said. The reason I’m concerned is I’m having the light bleeding, nausea and bloating but my period isn’t due for another week... Could I be pregnant?