Here We Go...

Aneesah • Married 💍 TTC Baby Bryant #1 👶🏽 *** BFP 11/20*** Baby Boy - 7/17/2020 💙

Hey Everyone!

My name is Aneesah and I’m 28 years old. My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 1 year and 1 month. Neither of us have kids so it will be our first.

This will be my first cycle going all the way out trying everything to see if we can get one to stick.

Hubby has a low sperm count so I know that’s already an uphill battle but he started taking FertileAid for Men so I’m hoping that helps give him a boost.

I went to my new OB/GYN today and I’m so happy I did! She has literally been the first person to really break things down and give me a game plan to get Baby Bryant on board.

She said daily sex is a no go for me since hubby has a history of low sperm count.

She checked my ovaries, cervix, position of my uterus and all checked out well.

So I’ll be tracking my BBT and using an OPK starting at CD 10.

Sex every other day from CD 10 - CD 20.

Having sex on my O- day as well.

If we don’t conceive this month then it’s back to the fertility clinic for a semen analysis and my labs again.

Baby Dust to all!!

NOTES: I’m on CD 4

Drinking Premama Conception powder and Fertility Tea.

Will use Preseed while BDing.

Plan to eat pineapple core on days 1-5 post ovulation.

UPDATE: Due to more findings of miscarriages while using Preseed we are opting to use Conceive Plus instead while BDing.