AF is a nasty bitch


I was 4 days late. I had all the early pregnancy signs and symptoms (which I know are almost mirror images of PMS symptoms)... tender breasts, food aversion, cramping (which started 6 days after my ovulation so of course I thought implantation).... I was excited and hopeful so I waited and did what any normal person would do... let's take a pregnancy test....BFN, followed by a BFN, and wouldnt you know another BFN. Then finally, on day 33 of my cycle (which is normally 28 days long like clockwork, fyi) AF showed up to the party, not on time, but 4 days late!!! 😡 and to make things even better.... she showed up all out of the blue while I was at work and wearing a white uniform. 😠😓☠