Ex’s are crazy


So I have a boyfriend and we been knowing each other before dating about a year now. Well before he dated me we were just friends and he had a girlfriend. Okay and long story short he broke up with her bc she was abusive to him and just plain toxic and now she saying she prego with his kids and making her lies believable. It’s stupid. And she’s 17 he was 17 now he 18 and it of school. And I’m 20 I’m older then him and she trying to be in our life ruining she saying oh I got pregnant by my bf bitch where that’s not your my handsome hot bf is mine bc at least I treat like a person. She pisses me off so I don’t talk to her anymore bc I really thought she was prego with his kid but she wasn’t it was her side whores. Who’s the bitch now Jamie. I don’t need to feed into the drama. So I blocked her and so did he.