ex boyfriend trouble

Hey girls, i recently posted on here about my boyfriend of 2 years and father of my unborn baby leaving me for someone else. now my ex boyfriend is heavily into drugs, something i dont condone and have never touched. his girlfriend is involved with it all too, so i have said he is not having contact or involvement unless he stops taking drugs and i have clear proof and he is in a better way. i think this is so fair. up until 2 weeks ago he wanted me to have an abortion so all of a sudden since hes left me he has decided he wants contact. all of his friends are being nasty, and contacting me saying im using our unborn baby as a weapon against him and his, and that is not the case AT ALL. i simply dont want my child growing up thinking that drugs is ok when its certainly not. i get messages calling me a bitch, a sad lonely fucking loser, pathetic and shit mum, baby trapper. all i ever wanted was to bring my baby up alongside my boyfriend but since he left for someone else i can't. i am more than happy to do this all by myself. but do you think i have handled this in the right way? My ex has blocked me on everything so he isnt contacting me but thats his loss. but have i done this right? i just want whats best for my baby:(