Going crazy!! What’s going on w/ me?! Help!!

Erica • Married to my best friend 1/3/20 🥰💍 TTC Baby #1

I’m on CD 38 which is the longest I ever had gone when I got off the pill. That’s 10 days longer than my last 2 cycles and according to Glow’s patterns I am 4 days late. Except for the 2 months when I got off the pill I’ve always been like clockwork. Going by when I though I O’d, I am 8 days late with a factored 14 day luteal phase. I waited but have been testing and each one is very negative. I don’t have symptoms like I did the week after I thought I O’d. I have been exercising and have been under a good amount of stress over the last week but I handle stress pretty well. Is it possible I could be pregnant? I would think I’d test positive by now if I was, right? Has anyone else had this happen? Could I just not realize that I was more stressed than I thought? I’ve read differing opinions/studies on stress as an actual factor. Thanks in advance and baby dust!!