Torn and in deep thought

So this is personal to be letting out but I just want to know what other people would do in this situation.. I’ve already had so many advice by friends and family.. I’m 9 weeks pregnant the baby daddy I’m expecting to not be around he is denying it and won’t claim the child til the test is positive. When I told him he was disrespectful and acted the way I knew he would. I’ve been seeing him on and off for over year, we were never together. He had told me he had been on and off with this girl and now I have found out they are getting married. It’s a horrible situation but I’m keeping this baby because it’s a blessing for me. I told him I would go through this quietly until we take a test.. I’m due in January. They are getting married this weekend or month I believe. I have not spoken to him since I told him. I’m so completely torn should I tell his soon to be wife or not tell her. Apart of me wants to tell her because any woman out of respect deserves to know I just don’t want to deal with the stress and harassment that’s going to come with it. Apart of me is telling me to go through this pregnancy smooth sailing and the positive dna will tell Itself and unveil everything else. I just feel horrible her going through this marriage and him telling her after but that’s what would happen. But also, if I tell her then I feel like I would be made out to be the home wrecker that I’m not and he won’t be around the child and they would have tension with me and the child I’m not winning or losing in this situation. Please don’t judge me! 😩