First round of IUI with clomid


Hello everyone!

My husband and i just got the “green light” to start on clomid and try an <a href="">IUI</a> 4 days after my next period, which happens to be Father’s Day and i think that’s pretty rad!! :)

The “okay” came after we found out my husbands sperm count was 392 million! (Yesss!)

I have stage 3/4 endometriosis and have had the worst pain and cysts and ruptures since i got off birth control early this year and even worse pain DURING intercourse, which in turn makes it no fun for either of us!!

So excited about this but also have a million questions that i plan to call my doctor for the 10th time and ask tomorrow, BUT i thought I’d give it a shot and post and see what you all thought. ;)

What to expect when i go in 3 days after my period? How does the clomid make you feel? I hear lots about multiples with clomid, anyone know more about it? Any reason why i should avoid clomid besides multiples?

Anything else you would like to share and all advice is welcome !