Sex toy and sex position suggestions


So my husband and I were talked about going to a sex store to buy some things to help make our sex life a little better. Don’t get me wrong, we have a great sex life but we don’t want it to get boring. I have had a vibrator that we used to stimulate my clit before and he had a cock ring but we tended to use the vibrator the most. When we do have sex we tend to have me on top because I like the feeling of deep penetration and I can control it more. The other positions that we have tried is missionary, doggie style, reverse cowgirl, missionary with me on the edge of the bed and me sitting on him while he is on a couch. I have been looking up online new sex positions to try but nothing seems to be popping up at me that I want to try or haven’t tried already. I will say that I’m a little overweight and my husband is overweight so it’s kind of hard for us to try all of the positions but I’m always willing to try new things! I’m willing to take any suggestions you guys want to give me!