I’ve been crying all night long

My husband is in the Marines and he was sent to Florida for training for two weeks. And he promised me he wouldn’t go to any bars, when he drinks he gets crazy and loses his mind.

Anyway he was texting me and all of a sudden he stops. 3 hours go by and I’ve sent him 13 messages and called him 5 times. He doesn’t respond at all, immediately I’m thinking the worst, I think hes been in a car accident and I’m bawling my eyes out( I’m also pregnant so my hormones aren’t helping) all of a sudden he answers my call and he’s fucking DRUNK

He immediately starts calling me crazy and that I’m a piece of shit. When literally all i wanted was a response like “ hey I’m going to have a few beers and I’ll call you when I’m at the hotel” or something so I know he’s okay.

Here’s a summary of what our convo was

Me” I was worried because you didn’t respond for 2 hours and I thought you got in a car accident and you promised me you wouldn’t go out to bars”

Him” You’re a fucked up person and a shit bag, then he hung up on me.”

I called him back

Him ” my buddies wanted to go to a bar”, me “ ok you should of just told me you were going to a bar and that you’d call me when you get home”

Him ” you’re fucking crazy I had no idea I was going to a bar and I only had 3-8 beers, you almost got me kicked out of the marines”

Then he calls me back and i bring up how mean he is being and he said

What the fuck is wrong with you, you’re fucking crazy, I got puke on my hand, and guess what I’ll be deployed for 6 months so get fucking use to not talking to me. So congratulations.

I’m literally furious right now I’ve been bawling my eyes out and I’m at my parents house and they are pissed too.

I sent him this to think about so he sees it in the morning when he wakes up realizing he’s the biggest asshole on the planet

“You’re a grown man you should not need to be babysat to make sure you don’t get this way. I hope no one ever talks to our daughter the way you talk to me.”