Husband taking my name?


My fiancé wants to take my last name once we’re married. He has no relationship with his father and truthfully hates the man. My family has all had girls that have gotten married, meaning I’m the last of my “line”. I think it’s really sweet he wants to take my name and honestly I never wanted to change it anyway, so it works out. Side note: he loves the uniqueness of my name (Rokosz; pronounced Ro-kaush). His is Brantley and just too plain for him I guess lol.

When people ask, everyone finds it really strange. Some have been downright rude about it when I mention it.

It does change the dynamics of our wedding license. Because he has a penis, the state gets to decide he has to go through a legal name change. Meaning he can’t just “adopt” my name. We have to go to court, let a judge decide if we’re even allowed to change his name, post two newspaper ads about the change (to let the public be aware - so stupid) and waste a ton of money just because he’s a male. I know its not the common thing to do, but talk about sexist. 🙄

What are your thoughts on this? I’m just curious.

EDIT: Things brings up the question as to what do gay couples do? Are they required to do a legal name change because it’s not a standard “husband/wife” relationship or do they just pick a name? Or maybe they keep their own? I’m generally curious to any gay couples who have married.

It’s 2018! States needs to get their shit together, this is such a dumb law. 😂