Ex’s mate


I’ve been single for about 3 years now and if suddenly found myself in a awkward situation there was a guy who I like but he ended up not being very nice so I put him in the bin .... but because I was down I posted on my snapchat I would have my phone on .... so this guy messaged me before my phone was off ... he is one of my ex’s mates .. he was asking if I was okay and he is there if I need to talk so we talked all night and he admitted he always had feelings for me even when I was with my ex and he is a lovely guy and wouldn’t dream of hurting anyone I do like him I guess I need to meet up and see if we do have a connection...... but what I want your opinion on is should I go for it even if he is a friend of my ex ... I’ve mentioned this to him and he said he doesn’t care about my past with my ex but I really don’t know what to do ?? Xx