Best Mother’s Day present ever

Michelle • Mum to 3 beautiful boys and so happy to see my my rainbow baby is another little boy💙💙💙💙

My beautiful little boy entered the world 8 weeks early. I was scheduled to have a c-section on 6th July being due 13th July. I went in for a ultrasound on the 17th May to find out if my little peanut had grown. It was only 2 weeks early that I had a growth ultrasound and found that my baby was tiny measuring in on the 5th% if the scale. On the 17th my doctor looked at me and said I am so sorry hun but he has to come out. Scared and upset I headed home to pack my bag say by to my other 3 boys then back to the hospital to get the process started.

On May 18th @ 12:11pm Liam Allan Ritzrow entered the world weighing in @1311gms

Lucky he was breathing on his own but was put on cpap to slow it as he was breathing quite fast. He was alittle jaundice so had the be under a blue light.

He is now 25days old and doing extremely well. He currently weighs 1665gm being breastfeed and tube fed. Looking good might be coming home sooner then we think.