Fitness & Weight Loss Struggles & Goals


So before my baby I was at the most fit ive ever been in my life. I worked out hard, ate clean, had a little bit of ab definition for the first time in my life! I’m 27. was feeling real good about it :) At 19 weeks i weighed about 105-108, somewhere in there. Basically what I weighed before pregnancy.

Flash forward 9 months later, and the first pic on the left is 4 days postpartum (check out my mesh panties from the hospital hahahaha). I weighed 120 there.

Flash forward 4 months after baby, and im 113. 7 lbs of water and baby fluids gone.

I signed up for the challenge this summer to help me get back in shape. My boobs are uneven in the middle picture cause I’m nursing. My left boob is always bigger it seems. Always more engorged. My hips are thicker with lovely handles on them. My thighs can’t squeeze into a single pair of pants or shorts I own. I’m currently wearing the same 4 recycled outfits that fit my current size.

I realize that my current weight is some people’s goal weights and that others may find my post annoying because I’m not significantly overweight. I understand that! We’re all humans with insecurities and for me, I just wanna wear my clothes again as a financial consideration more than anything. Tops are fine, but pants... not a one fits! I am not dieting because I’m nursing and I wanna make sure my baby is full of healthy nutrients, vitamins and minerals. I exercise 5 days per week, about 30 mins per day.

Posting this for support, encouragement, and fitness/diet advice from other moms who may have felt the same frustration at the stubborn last 5-10 lbs. how can I get back into my jeans without losing my milk supply health and doing right by baby? Does it really take 9 months? What about all these women who got rid of cellulite and babyweight by breastfeeding?! I didn’t get that magical charm... *sigh*

Wasn’t sure where to post this so I started a new thread...