Do you believe I have a right to say no ?

So I can only tell you my side of the story. When I found out I was pregnant my boyfriend was so mad and wanted an abortion. After I refused he told me he was going to just kill him self because I was being selfish and a stupid girl. Things have gotten better in a away. But his in his family have been trying to make me give the baby up for adoption. I said from the beginning that wasn’t an option but they kept pushing. So I said maybe and let them think there could be another chance so I would stoped from being yelled at. We broke up but acted as best friends and he hid that from his mom and dad. We are currently very far a way from one another. I️m in wa he in Virginia. I️m 35 weeks and I have tried to talk about baby names and other things that need to be decided but he gets very rude. While this has been happing this boy had lead me on to believe that we could be together and this will be all okay but at the same time hasn’t. He promised to be there for appointments and never was. Yesterday I was told I need to give him all my rights because I will be a shity single mom and his family has more money so he should have the baby (aka his mom raise the baby) they don’t have more money that’s not the point though. So I️ poured my feeling out saying I don’t understands what’s happing with us you love me on min and hate me the rest. So I asked if there any way to save this or if not let me know so I don’t get my hopes up. He never replied and I said you should have at lest have the respect to reply you can say no. But then he says I️m not reading those and I️m blocking you. At this point in time I have been through this so much i wa told the day before that I️m forces him into fatherhood cuz I didn’t do the smart thing and get rid of the problem. At this moment I don’t think I want him or his family at the hospital when baby born. They have made everything so upsetting. I got shamed for my mom going to give me a baby shower etc. I just don’t see if they are acting like this now if they should be allowed to come. I think it will be bad and negative and there last shot to get me to give my baby up. Because they are so far away I asked his mom if they planned to come down or not and she said they haven’t talked about it yet. I feel liek that’s a no brainer. And if they think they have a choice to be there or not gives me the feeling I should just tell them no. We are almost 9 months into this and they don’t know if they will be there to support there family I feel liek I should cut off communication from this point on it’s getting stupid. And yes you might say I️m hurt because he left me but I have ever right to be hurt about that! If you haven’t had this happen to you then you could never know how much pain it put me through. I have only told you a little bit of the story but do you think I have a right to not have them there. If I’m being honest I don’t think they will come anyways they would have said so if so it should be a no brainer to me.

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